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Wiretrustee - fun for wan parties

Today I learned about Wiretrustee, a “simple” management interface for mesh wireguard session management. Wiretrustee is a (self-hostable) service to build mesh VPN network with a simple setup. They provide clients for Windows, MacOS and Linux making it ideal if you want to play an old game with friends that requires everyone on the same network. The organisation behind Wiretrustee is a small German company that aims to provide more enterprise features in the future. For now, it’s an easy solution to setup wireguard mesh VPNs.

I came across this while experimenting with solutions for my Kubernetes internet connectivity. While it turns out, to be not the solution for this problem, I had to notice that it is ideal for little WAN parties, since all you need to do is installing the client, entering a access key and your device is registered and hooked up to everyone else. It’s super trivial and since all keys are generated locally, reasonably safe.

Note: Wiretrustee builds a bit of stuff on top of wireguard and therefore doesn’t support regular wireguard clients. It’s not a perfect, but probably a good enough solutions for a lot of people.