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Installing system f-droid manually

Today I learned how to how get the f-droid privileged extension working on my LineageOS 17.1. The steps are quite simple and I will shamelessly copy them from the upstream article to preserve them outside of the forum:

  1. Activate Developer Settings
  2. Enable ADB and ADB Root in Developer Settings
  3. Extract the OTA zip files
  4. Type these commands from within the extracted folder
    adb root
    adb remount
    adb push F-DroidPrivilegedExtension.apk /system/priv-app/
    adb push permissions_org.fdroid.fdroid.privileged.xml /system/etc/permissions/
    adb push F-Droid.apk /system/app/
    adb push /system/addon.d/
  5. Reboot, go to F-Droid Settings and check if the privileged extension is detected
  6. Disable ADB Root and ADB for security reasons

I came across this while checking once more the issue talking about issues with LineageOS 17.1 and the installation of the privileged extension for f-droid. This lead me to a forum post that provides a manual way to install it. As someone who considers manually installing updates a waste of time, I’m very happy to finally have the f-droid app just do its job in background silently and looking forward to no longer checking for app updates multiple times a week.