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Timeshift and its limits

Today I learned that the backup tool Timeshift, which basically allows you to automatically take and manage snapshots of your filesystem, given you run BTRFS or LVM underneath, and provide an easy-to-use backup solution, is rather limited in its usefulness. It currently only supports the Ubuntu layout on BTRFS, which uses subvolume names called @ for / and @home for /home, which is not like distros like Fedora work. While this is not something Timeshift does wrong, it’s unfortunate for me as a Fedora user.

I came across this, because I know Timeshift quite a while now, but running BTRFS as base filesystem since I swapped out my SSD for a bigger one and re-installed Fedora 34, which now runs on BTRFS by default. Given the new space and capabilities, I thought it would be the perfect time, to use Timeshift, but it turns out to not work as expected. But maybe in the future!