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The standard of the Federal President

Today I learned that the standard of the (German) Federal President is only hoisted while the president is at the place. While there are certain exceptions the rule says: “The standard of the Federal President is hoisted at the official residence when the Federal President is in residence.” This rule means that only if the president is residing in Berlin, the standard will be flying above Bellevue Palace. It won’t fly there while the president is visiting a foreign country or reside in their second residence in Bonn.

I came across that when checking if one could visit Bellevue Palace.1 And when checking the official website, which also has a wonderful 360° Model of the palace, I came across this interesting fact. Which is then explained more detailed on the official domestic protocol website.

  1. The answer is yes, but they estimate 9 months(!) of waiting to get an appointment outside of a pandemic season.