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Today I learned that so called “Wendepailletten” (turn-around-sequins) exist. Sequins themselves are nothing new obviously little metal or plastic plates that are put on cloth to decorate it or become cloth. But those “Wendepailletten” go one step further. While being popular amount kids, the concept itself is rather interesting. The sequins are put on the cloth using a specific embroidery technique to allow them to be turned upside-down. By taking sequins with different back and front colour, it’s possible to create pictures that can be change in parts or entirely by swiping across them. It’s super simple and still amazing.

I came cross it, while I was looking around for a topic for today’s article. As so often one go-to-source was the “Sendung mit der Maus” and they happened to have a story about them. I’m not sure if I’m too old or too young for being aware that they were a trend, but I learned about it now. But I had to notice, while writing this article, that they don’t seem to have an easy to find translation. If you happen to know the English term, please let me know.