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Operation Paperclip

Today I learned about “Operation Paperclip”, which was a US operation at the end of the second world war that took successful engineers and scientist from Germany and brought them to the US in order to develop (mainly) in the rocket and weapon industry over there. All of them were spared facing any justice system for what they did in their time under the Nazi regime including those who were very high up in the ranks, basically leading parts of the NSDAP, the German Nazi party at the time. Instead they became “assets” of the US development strategy and got high ranks over there as well. Noteworthy is that the US are not alone with such programs. Basically all of the victorious parties of the 2nd world war had such operations.

I came across that due to a toot on Mastodon show a probably not entirely correct image of how high rank Nazi officials became to people with high ranks in US. This lead to a little bit of research and finally to the Wikipedia article about “Operation Paperclip”.