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A hand full of sugar

Today I learned that there is the rule of thumb that one should only eat a hand full1 of candies/sweets per day. For your average sweet that’s enough to satisfy your daily sugar needs (which range from 45-60 gram of sugar in all your food for a grown up person). The nice thing about the rule is, that everyone can understand them. The measurement device is literally always at hand and it grows with you. Making it super easy to explain it to any age group.

I came across that while browsing the internet and hitting an old show called “Willi Wills Wissen” (“Willi wants to know it”) which was explaining how sugar was made. I’m definitely not good with following this rule of thumb myself as while writing this article alone, I guess I already broke it. But especially when you have kids, I’m sure that’s a something you can try to introduce.

  1. A hand full means the amount one can hold in one hand, but without cheating as in making a huge pile or alike.