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Contributing to my projects

When you found this page you probably looked at one of my projects. It’s nice to see that you are interested in contributing to it.

Security issues

Just in case you want to report a security issue, please use the email button at the top to generate an encrypted email and send it to me using your mail client. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. It shouldn’t take more than 72 hours to get back to you. If it does, please try to reach out to me using another method like Mastodon or Matrix to figure out why I didn’t get your email.

There are no bug bounties available. Sorry, I’m not rich. I might start a security hall of fame when there is something to show in there. If you have deadlines or similar, please let me know and also try to include a detailed write-up about the issue. If it’s an issue in an upstream project, I might redirect you there, as it’s in my interest to get this stuff fixed, but I don’t want to become the disclosure manager of everyone.

Non-code contributions

If you want to contribute anything non-code, which can be can be as simple things as helping out in the community, feel free to click the matrix button above and check what community you want to look into.

Other contributions can be coordinated there as well.

Using the SI-GitLab to contribute

There are a few steps needed to become a contributor:

  1. Get an account -> Go to, select ‘Sign In’, then select ‘Register’, fill the form and wait for the confirmation email
  2. With your email address verified and TOTP set up, you are able to use the “Sign In” button on GitLab

When you just want to raise a bunch of issues and follow them, then you can just go ahead and start your requests.

If you want to contribute code, you have to request access to the project you want to contribute to. As I try to keep the resource usage at a minimum as well as legal risks, GitLab users are external users by default. Therefore they can’t have own repositories. When granting access, I’ll also give you a few free repositories to play with.

You can now push your changes and we can move forward in making better software for everyone!

Sharing ideas or saying thank you

Sharing ideas, thoughts and thanks for projects can be done at best, by reaching out to me via Mastodon or by joining my matrix channel.

I really appreciate it when people tell me how they use stuff I built, because it’s awesome to hear that I inspired people. And it’s great to stay in contact with you. So as mentioned, joining one of the channels would be great and sometimes there is a little bit more exclusive content in for you as well.


When you would like to throw money at me, I have to disappoint you, I hate doing taxes and therefore try to avoid getting donations. But if you want to make sure I get something from you, just invite me for a cold drink or two, if we ever meet.

If this ever changes, you most likely will get it through the channels linked above. So feel free to join, it’s also your chance to figure out if I’m somewhere close to you at a certain point in time.