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Fedora Silverblue LUKS Keyboard Layout


When installing Fedora Silverblue and encrypting the disk using LUKS, I always run into the problem, that my keyboard layout is German during the Installation, but once rebooted and entering the boot environment where I are entering my LUKS password, the layout is US layout. This is a known limitation of Fedora Silverblue.


To get the proper keyboard layout during first boot, you have to modify the GRUB boot parameters, by pressing e during the boot phase and edit the kernel command line (3rd line) by adding the following statement with a space in front:


Replace the de at the end with the keyboard layout of your choice.

Once booted into the system, you can persist the change by running the following rpm-ostree command:

rpm-ostree kargs --append-if-missing=rd.vconsole.keymap=de

This will adjust any future GRUB configuration to include this kernel parameter.

Upstream Solution

The upstream Fedora documentation suggest to use the following command to make the keymap permanent:

rpm-ostree initramfs-etc --track=/etc/vconsole.conf

The main difference is that there is no need to configure the keymap twice.


You can see that it worked, when under the LUKS password prompt a little keyboard symbol is shown with the keymap of your choice shown besides.


I’m really looking forward to see a better solution to this problem in the long term. There will be a day, were someone is bothered by this and fixes it.