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Managing End of Life dates


Recently I’ve been talking a lot to people about End of Life (EOL) dates. It seems like it is common to struggle a bit with keeping on top of EOL dates for software and products. Therefore let me introduce you, to this nifty website called provides a lot of automation around software lifecycles and is a central resource where people flock together to maintain software lifecycle details. From EOL policies to just dates when software and hardware runs out of support.

I highly recommend to check the website if you are looking for an easy way to get informed about software going EOL.

As part of the website, located at the bottom of the page at the time of writing, you can find a link to an ICS file, which allows you to subscribe to EOL dates with a calendar app of your choice.

Screenshot of the ics link for mastodon

This is not only helpful for your private setups, but can also help to keep your team at work on top of the software lifecycle.