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Depending on the time of the day a friend, a colleague, a wise guy. The beauty of the world is its sense of humor to show humans their way by letting them search their own.

  1. Gitlab uses Cloudflare

    Today I learned that uses Cloudflare. Generally speaking I’m not a big fan of Cloudflare but also not neglecting the value they provide as a WAFaaS provider. My main issue with using it, is that it does this browser check, which takes roughly 5 seconds and since I use temporary containers to throw everything away after closing a tab, this results in 5 seconds every time I open the page in a new tab. …

  2. Recover LineageOS on OnePlus 7 Pro

    Today I learned that to recover LineageOS after a broken update bringing you stuck in the boot animation, the first step is to press the Volume Up + Power button and hold it for more 10 seconds, before you can boot into recovery and continue your regular flashing process with the previous LineageOS image from their official page. …